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Good n Bad. I need to vent

So I have this co worker who always gets her way from my store manager. Like my store manager baby’s her. This co worker gets the most hours bc she’s young and need money. Shit all of us needs money we are all only working 4 hr shifts but this co worker gets to work 8 hr shifts. And this co worker don’t even wear dress code she just does whatever she wants. It’s getting annoying like I don’t feel sorry for this kid but she recently came to my evening shift bc she only wants to work with the evening shift manager only. Like what’s so special about this co worker to get to choose when and who to work with. This co worker doesn’t get along with the morning shift managers so she cried to the store manager to go to nights. Like this bitch is young and has no kids and has open availability to work morning shifts but wants to be a crybaby. Now she’s stealing my hrs and I’m in evening shift for a reason, bc it works with my sons schedule. I’m not available to work mornings. I dogged that co worker yesterday bc she’s annoying af. Like wear dress code n quit trying to pity yourself. She’s super dumb too bc sometimes the morning manager shops at night so what if she’a on cashier when the morning manager comes to her register? Is she gonna run n hide bc this princess thinks she can ALWAYS get her way. N the other morning manager manages night shift once a week so this co worker has to be off on the day the morning manager comes to nights. What’s funny is the store manager talks shit about this crybaby co worker but still lets her get her way which is making it hard for morning shift to have a cashier in morning shift bc a crybaby bitch wanna come to night shift. Ugh I’m so mad I went to shop at my employment at night bc i know it’ll be dead. I know the co worker I like is working tonight so I went to vent to her and tell her “guess who’s in evening shift with us now?” Then i told my co worker everything. I even told my co worker that the crybaby co worker worker worked a weird ass shift like what “shes making her own fucking hours too now”. It’s really messing with us parent workers who actually needs night hours. My manager called me this morning needing me to go in the morning bc the morning cashier called out. I lied n said my son got early release today and I needed to get him off the bus. Fuck the store manager, call the dumb lil bitch who came to night shift bc she can work mornings.🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Do me dirty and expect me to work mornings. Fuck no. Stop sending bitches to nights n start hiring day shift workers.

Okay so the good news is the less I work the lower my income so I qualify for low income :) The other good news was I been selling items lately and made $100 so money is coming my way. Oh and my tax refund should kick in soon too. So I’m good with money. I guess I’m on vacation bc my store manager scheduled me 5 days off.

Really Fed up

So my sons dad is an asshole drunk who thinks he's better than everyone. We went to my son`s doctor's appointment last Friday and for some reason he's mad at all the driver and pedestrians, he's wanting to fight everyone(like why right? I'm 1000% sure that none of the ppl even care about my sons father but he sure cares about them) He been talking shit about others the entire time until I yelled at him to shut the fuck up. I told him why tf do you care about others just let it go n then he
asked me why I care what he thinks I said bc its stupid n pointless let it go then slams the break to the car real hard n my son is in the car so I punched my sons dad in his face and he punched me back we continued arguing so I threw my boba drink all over his clothes(It got all over my car but it was worth it) he slammed the breaks again then he started talking shit to me calling me "a pussy" saying I don't speak up at work to get more hours. Like there's favoritism and everyone works 4 hrs shifts so how tf would I get more hours. And he acts like he's Solomon perfect at his job when all he does is complain about his co workers n snitch on them to his boss. Like I get stuck with a shitty ass low hrs job bc I have to sacrifice my morning hours to get my son to his bus,take him to his appointment, be on call in case the school calls me to pick him up bc he's sick(all the things my sons dad do bc he's to dumb n scared to go to my sons appointment alone) like how are you gonna talk down on me? When I'm making my schedule open for my son. I can't even get my dream office job bc I can't get morning jobs. Well after the argument I started crying bc he made me feel so little just bc I'm hardly working n my eyes was all red n I had an interview later that day n I had to work that day too. I kept myself together n went to that interview n I went to work too. Well as of right now I'm not talking to my sons dad and im looking for affordable housing to move in.

City Of Angels

I've been wanting to watch City Of Angels Bc of the song Iris. I'm starting it on my phone and I connected airplay to the new 55" TV

Did my taxes

I went to do my taxes, I got a good amount of refund back 😃 but it was interesting bc my tax lady started venting to me about her son’s gf’s baby shower that was today so she had to close her office early in order to go to the baby shower. She said her son is 32 and this is his first baby. Well this is her son’s first and only girlfriend and she already comes with a package having 3 kids of her own. She had an IUD but took it off to get pregnant on purpose and plot twist her previous baby daddy is the cousin of the new baby daddy who’s my tax lady son. What in the uncle daddy is going on. This is some Jerry Springer shit. Well the daughter in law seems like a bitch and I feel sorry for my tax lady and her son.

Oh yeah I worked today. It went by super fast. There’s a regular customer that comes in to buy a cherry Pepsi and that customer got me hooked on cherry pepsi.

I also sold an item and went to the post office to ship it out.

Day off, busy day

I slept late and wanted to go back to sleep so badly after I dropped my son to his school bus but I had to do laundry. I went to do laundry. I always bring my Bluetooth headphones to listen to true crime podcasts as I wait in the laundry. I went to the grocery store to get milk afterwards. Ugh I was still tired but I know I got shit to do and I cannot lag like how I needed to print a referral document and go to my sons doctor for her to sign it but I went to the doctors office they had me schedule an appointment for my son to be seen to get the paper sign. After the doctors office I went to Ross to buy a shirt for my interview this Friday. My current job cut my hrs bad so I applied for another job. After Ross I went to a tax service to set an appointment to get my tax done on Saturday. After the tax office I went to my storage to get a few items. I just need to call my son’s dentist to schedule an appointment. Gosh I did so much today on my day off while I know my lazy ass family is probably still sleeping.



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